CELTA assessment Criteria: PPP and TBL approaches

The CELTA is quite well known practical diploma training course around the world. It’s a very prestigious course authorized by the Cambridge University which opens numerous job opportunities for teachers. It provides teachers of English language with practical experience and develops the teaching skills.

I have recently (DEC 2017) completed my CELTA from Saudi Arabia. It benefited me a lot to develop my teaching skills and changed my traditional teacher-fronted classes to student-centered lessons.

CELTA focuses on communicative language teaching (CLT). It follows the well-established methodology of teaching English which is known as 3ps or PPP – Present –Practice –Produce. The assessment criteria are based on this approach and some other important points.

Though PPP and TBL approaches are student-centered I personally feel that it’s not a wise decision to go for the TBL approach in your CELTA TP lessons. I decided to go for a TBL for functional language in my TP 7 and end up risking my grade. Although it was a goodlesson it didn’t fit in the CELTA criteria where they demand the presentation of the language first before asking the students to practice.

Have you tried this approach in your CELTA? How was your experience ?

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